The Home of Phileday


Anything that I feel needs to be said now and can’t be put in a tweet. Updates on the Whirligig will appear here including other stuff that might interest me.


A direct link to my Twitter page. If I think of something profound or funny I will put it here. I will also put stuff that isn’t really that funny or profound here also. Just know that in my mind I’m smugly thinking how clever I am.


A collection of my films and films that I have worked on with Damian Rooney.


Not an embedded page but a page that draws images from my Flickr page. They don’t allow embedding :( click on an image and it will get bigger. You can work the rest out.

Sound Cloud

Audio that I’m working on.


This is the page Centzon that I created. It’s basicly a webpage that allows you to created your own web pages and quickly populate them with Icons and information. The Centzon, Sound Cloud, Rift Dome Player and Films pages on this site are all embedded Centzon pages.


I’m currently working on a dome player for the Oculus Rift. Find out about it here.


All about ME!! (this will get bigger as I think of things that are interesting about me)

Hope you like my page. If you don’t, well there is plenty of other things on the Internet.