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http:\\www.centzon.co.uk\phileday\rift-dome-player\release\fish production v1.zip

This is a dome player that plays back fisheye films in both mono and stereo side by side. However it is not intended to be a simple player any any film you pick up but a way you can send out your films to others pre setup.
The zip contains 4 folders.

Blank player
An empty player with simple menu an example film and movie file.
This is an example of a film setup to be sent out to others with a bespoke menu made by the artist and film ready to watch in full fulldome 3D and 5.1 sound. To watch the film simple run Vortex from with the folder and your away. Keys for the menu are arrow up, down, left, right and enter to play and pause.
This contains open source video converts to get your films into a format that can be played back by the player. Simply drag and drop your audio and video onto the correct bat files and select from the menu.
Full instructions
The files you need to have to player the film is video.ogv (with audio), audio.ogg (if you want a separate audio file or your video has no audio) player.ini(an editable text file to setup your player default settings, a more indeth explaination will come later) and menu.png(the menu you want people to see when they load up the player, have a look at the example ones for an idea of how it works).
Better instructions will come later.
Final Note
If you just want to enjoy the Oculus video experience just load up the film Vortex and enjoy. More details about this films can be found here. http://www.luniere.com/project/vortex/

Publish has been released.

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Ok so now there is a downloadable version so mosy on over to the player page and download the first version. V1.

What is contain in this pack.

You get a copy of the producer/publisher a use of the publisher in the form of Vortex and some convertor tools to help you get the publisher working for yourself.

Up and coming features.

The next version will contain support for other immersive formats including full fisheye 360 and panroamic fisheye. I’m also debating whether a scale option if useful.

Update, player almost ready to release

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OK. So I was going to release it over the weekend but an issue with sync and play back meant I needed to do more work on it. It is however very close now and much closer to what I wanted with a better navigation system and sound playback.

So a little more work and it will be released.