Whirligig Mentioned on vrfocus site

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The player has been mentioned on the vrfocus site. It’s good to see over places noticing its arrival.

In other news work has started on the Mac version of Whirligig. The Mac version is already available in it’s early beta form on www.centzon.co.uk/whirligig/downloads so head on over to take a look. There are still heavy issues with it but it does work.

Whirligig has gone live

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It has been excepted by Oculus and is now on there site. So head on over to make comments and suggestions etc


I’ve noticed I’ve put the minimum requirement as windows 8. what a tit. The latest version has been submitted anyway.

New updates

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Ok so I’ve made a load of updates since yesterday on the players.

The Player

  • First off I’ve intergreated the new SDK into the build which offers improved quality and some other stuff I’ve sure they were really pleased about.
  • I’ve created a build for 64 bit. I’m note sure of the advantage of this but I think it is good to know the process of doing it.
  • I’ve disabled Directx 11. I noticed large cpu useage and after fiddling around a bit found that the dx11 was causing it. By removing it it has dramaticly improved the cpu overhead and made the latency a lot less.
  • I’ve built and uploaded Vortex onto the site with the new player.

The Website

  • The whirligig page has been improved including a download page rather than a direct downlaod on the main page. This mean I can offer several download options for people to choose from and also put a link to download Vortex.


Go to the Whirligig page for the latest updates and a link to vortex.




Enjoy and spread the word.


Whirligig is away and sailing

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After lots of effort and to much time fixing things and adding things whirligig is finally ready for release. The Web site centzon.co.uk/whirligig is now up and running and instructions and introductions videos are uploaded to YouTube and areso  ready to view. so head on over to the site to start checking it out. Feedback is needed on both the player and the site ( the site is pretty rough but hopefully not to confusing and gets you where you need to go). the next changes will hopefully be from requests from users.

Centzon update

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I haven’t updated centzon in a long time but I found an error in the sound cloud plug in. They changed there code so I had to change mine it now works again.

On another note I’ve added a way to add text to a page. If you add the word show- to a info part of your button it will display the text behind the button. If you have a sew through button then it gives you a resized able text box you can move around. It will be put into a us. with the birth of whirligig