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Ok so I’ve made a load of updates since yesterday on the players.

The Player

  • First off I’ve intergreated the new SDK into the build which offers improved quality and some other stuff I’ve sure they were really pleased about.
  • I’ve created a build for 64 bit. I’m note sure of the advantage of this but I think it is good to know the process of doing it.
  • I’ve disabled Directx 11. I noticed large cpu useage and after fiddling around a bit found that the dx11 was causing it. By removing it it has dramaticly improved the cpu overhead and made the latency a lot less.
  • I’ve built and uploaded Vortex onto the site with the new player.

The Website

  • The whirligig page has been improved including a download page rather than a direct downlaod on the main page. This mean I can offer several download options for people to choose from and also put a link to download Vortex.


Go to the Whirligig page for the latest updates and a link to vortex.


Enjoy and spread the word.


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