Whirligig is away and sailing

Posted on April 19th, 2014 | 2 Comments » RSS feed
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After lots of effort and to much time fixing things and adding things whirligig is finally ready for release. The Web site centzon.co.uk/whirligig is now up and running and instructions and introductions videos are uploaded to YouTube and areso  ready to view. so head on over to the site to start checking it out. Feedback is needed on both the player and the site ( the site is pretty rough but hopefully not to confusing and gets you where you need to go). the next changes will hopefully be from requests from users.

  1. Nicolas Ledru


    I used your app on DK1. I now have a DK2 and I’ve updated your application.
    Everything works fine at playing videos.
    However, I have a lag, the videos must turn at 15 fps.
    I tested the 3D trailer, same conclusion, like the menu :

    Is it a codec problem or a bad moment for optimization?
    I have a i5 3570K and AMD 290X.

    Best regards,
    Nicolas Ledru

  2. phileday

    I’m currently finding similar issues and a lot has to do with the new SDK. Currently working on the problem as best I can and will hopefully be releasing improved versions soon. Expect much greater leaps though when the SDK’s are updated.

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