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The site have been updated for a new modern look. Well sort off. Go over to check it out.



There have been loads of changes to whirligig as well but I can’yt be bothered to list them all properly so I’m just going to cut and past the revision file.


added an Over Under option on the dome type for Barrel. This appears to be a popular stereo option for this form of projection.
Updated Barrel Sphere so that there is less pinching.

Update that hopefully should fix the not playing after pause in the PC version.

The rotate changes the width of the 16:9 or curved output.
Page up and Page down skip forward and backward 1 minute.
A couple of other fixes.

unity 4.5. (this changed the way the menu position is so that also needed updating.)
Rewrote the fire buttons on play pause and quit.

Made more changes to increase speed on different systems.
system change to make the number changing consistent on different spec machines.
Fix a crash when no videos.
Screensaver. Turn off display after about 5 minutes if the Oculus hasn’t moved.

Displays pngs and jpgs npw
“l” will turn on loop for videos.
Remembers settings for each video,jpg,png.
Mac version.
Optimised code.


Separate the progress bar into to layers, progress bar and progress bar border.
Progress bar appears when skipping forward and backward during playback.

bug fixes.
Added the option of a progress bar.
You can add films to the video folder and they will appear in the list without restarting.
Settings are saved whenever changes are made not just on quite.
Updated AVPro to latest version.

Full screen f11 vague fix that doesn’t leave the video on a white frame.
The all button access now programmable.
progressive increment on button input so holding down increases the speed of increase. Example rotate, scale, tilt.
f11 toggles fullscreen.
Bug fix of left arrow loading file.

End video detection changed for more stability.

Stereo Fixed.

Version 1.0
First version of the Mac version of Whirligig. There will be error but I don’t know what they are yet.

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